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Recently I have been looking at Framer as a way of quickly creating websites, I think it’s a good tool and the end result is good, although I think the content management system is limited as is the pricing, at first it looks to be cheap but as a developer it’s expensive as it’s almost as quick to create and host the website myself, the cms system alone is not strong enough to win me over.

I really like svelte and sveltkit, it’s a simpler and clear system than anything else I have used and yes there are still difficulties around two way binding but in most scenarios the basics will get you there, and for my own personal projects this is ideal.

So why astro, I’d like to be able to create a mostly static site as quickly as possible, and my initial thoughts are it’s really nice, it bridges the gap between creating a static html site and a framework like sveltkit or next, its sweet spot is mostly static sites, brochureware and blogs, but can handle more advanced scenarios. You can just write html and that’s fine, or you can use astrology jsx like syntax or even a svelte or react (there are others) component. By default it does not send JavaScript to the client unless you tell it to.

I managed to follow the blog tutorial and create a blog website in a few hours, I did hit a bug where it silently failed to build the app, but that aside it was quick to pick up and use, it seems the days of “everything is a spa” are over and we’re revisiting old and established ways of doing things with a fresh eye, much like fashion web technologies come back around.

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