Learning the hard way

To know and not to do, it’s to not know

This is very true, you can ingest all the learning you can handle for as long as you can but it doesn’t really engrain its self unless you actually apply it.

Watching, reading and learning obviously helps when your going to actually apply it, but not in the same way as instantly trying to do something you just learned, it really only serves as a reference of what your looking for, you at least know what to look for when you don’t know what your doing.

I definitely fall on the side of doing too much learning, to the point I probably don’t take much of it in, but it feels comforting to tell myself “I’m learning”, but I’m probably not really, I am trying to flip that approach and dive right into the unknown, I’ve found the learnings there are deeper and stick better.

I ran an experiment this week, I created a landing page for an ebook I wanted to created, added a payment link to pre order and ran some google ads to try get some sales. A quick and dirty way to validate my idea. I got no sales after running the ad for half a day, not a huge amount of time but I thought a couple of sales would be enough for me to go ahead and create the book.

In the process of actually running the ad campaign I started to really pick holes in my plan, is my audience too niche? Is the landing page attractive? Is my copy good? Is the pricing right? Are my keywords good? These are all things I knew were important before hand but until you actually jump in the fire you don’t really know how hot it actually is. I’ve learnt a better lesson, it will stick in the memory and help me going forward.

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