Week 1 Update

The first week of no contracting work, the first week of doing what I want to do and I have no idea what the hell I am doing.

Small moments of excitement followed by large bouts of panic.

Despite having something of I plan, it’s all very new to me and I expected these feelings to a certain extent, what I didn’t expect was to feel very rushed straight away, I do not want to go back to contracting but I know it’s not the end of the world If I have to, but I can hear the ticking clock in the background nagging at me already.

I shall keep trudging on regardless, any progress is progress.

I was very tempted to go out and about on my first day of “freedom”, do all things I’ve been wanting to do without having to be back in time for work, a nice long bike ride, go out and take some photos of nice scenery or catchup with friends I’ve not seen in a while, but honestly it’s been pretty easy to be disciplined and stay focused this past week, I just sit at my desk like every other week before it, at least this time there’s the freedom to do as I like.

But freedom also brings confusion and messiness, too many things is not a good thing when your trying to get something done

Trying to focus on one thing is the biggest challenge for me, I’m easily side tracked Having thought about this and to try use this to my advantage I am working under the premise Of throwing shit at the wall at see what sticks or as Daniel Vasello advocates “a portfolio of small bets”

I have tried my best to time box what I am working on, and everyday have been filling out my calendar with everything I plan To do that day to avoid being side tracked.

So this week I started working on footylivescores.com, a website to get football results and fixtures, this scratches somewhat of an itch as I find Other score websites to hard to use and full of ads, and missing the main feature I have added, the ability to filter by the leagues you are Interested in. I wanted something I could create quickly, had some value, and acts as a motivator to push me onto the next hopefully bigger and better thing. I have some ideas how to drive traffic and shall use it as an experiment of sorts.

I also started trying to design a website for my business, it did not go well, fundamentally I have not narrowed down exactly what I am offering, I am overthinking this and just need to timebox it.

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