Week 3 Update

First week of the October school holidays, did not get a whole lot done this week.

I noticed on mobile FootyLiveScores could feel a little laggy, the api calls are generally quite slow but obviously we want the UI to feel snappy, moving the api calls to a worker would help free up the UI thread to handle user interaction. I used a library called comlink which makes it easier to handle function calls through a worker, workers work through messaging, comlink makes it very easy to expose functions from a worker.

I also migrated my databases for RubbishTimes.com and another project I have off of supabase and onto Cloudflare D1 database, they have increased the amount of databases and storage base you can use while it is still in beta, I had some confusion trying to get D1 to run locally with wrangler but the folks in the cloud flare discord helped me out, the local development story is not very clear in the docs but I’m sure as it comes out of beta things will improve. D1 is an edge database based on Sqlite, I generated scripts using Datagrip to create the table and insert the records from my supabase into D1, with some changes need to comply with sqlite syntax. Right now there’s only a few simple tables I am using for each project and I am not doing any fancy database stuff that I am going to miss anything from supabase, It did not take long to change the calls to a worker binding.

I spent some this week starting to build a small app using HTMX, I have user registration and login working using Auth0, not sure If I want to use a cookie or just send the token through a header. HTMX requires a bit of a mental shift from building with a javascript spa framework, do you return a new html page? Do you try and break it down into small sections you can update? You need to keep in mind the user flow as you build, I’d like to find a good HTMX based project I can take inspiration from.

I worked on some design stuff also, created a new property company template, I am quite pleased with it, it looks decent and did not take me too long to create and stick into framer, it would be nice if you could work mobile first in framer, I think this would be easier than working from a full width version. The key for me is to time box everything, set a fixed amount of time aside to find inspiration, work out colours and fonts, what copy & sections are needed and for the final design.

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