Week 4 Update

On reflection I feel like I have lost my way a little bit, not that I had much direction anyway.

I’ve been juggling too many things, multiple projects I want to finish, new things I am trying to learn and it is all a bit aimless.

I have stuck to my schedule, exercising in the morning followed by some writing, but what I am working on has not been very efficient, I believe it’s called active procrastination. n I have been telling myself I can have on multiple projects going at the one time, because when I need to make decisions or UI\UX design that usually halts me, I can pick up other tasks that I can get done straight. In hindsight this does not work, seems obvious now as I type this, working this way lets me delay decisions with the premise that I will conjure one up by the time I return to the task, in reality I am just avoiding and delaying it. I am not trained in UI\UX and I tell my self I need to do some research before I am happy with what I produce, I am not going to learn these overnight and in fact I have been learning on and off for years, I am just finding the decision difficult to make and so avoid making it. Going forward I am going to force myself to make these decisions, they’re big and important and will probably change down the line anyway. This realisation was triggered reading rework.

We gravitate towards the things we know we can do and avoid things we’re unsure of or don’t know how to do, again this is completely obvious and something I have been doing, creating a complicated website when a much simpler solution would do, as a developer I see every solution as a piece of code before I properly understand the problem, I feel I have a made a mental shift here.

I have continued to write everyday but for less amount of time each day, moving forward I am going to set aside more time to write and forcing myself to write something rather than moving on to something else as I can’t think of anything to say.

If I have learned nothing else this month, I have learned how not to work.

© 2020 Timney.

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