Week 5/6 Udpate

Not a lot to write home about spent some time on a newish project, trying to simplify it to the point I can release, It’s an information site so there’s a ton of work to gather the information, or at least enough to “go live”.

I’ve been diving deeper into HTMX by reading Hypermedia Systems by the creators of HTMX. It dive’s into Roy Fielding’s initial work on hypermedia and REST as the inspiration for the creation of HTMX and how htmx allows you to build applications more closely related to Roy’s initial ideas on how the web should work. This really speak to me, as a developer who started building on the web pre “everything is a single page app”, and javascript was to merely enhance the user experience rather than being the whole user experience. HTMX is targeting the large amount of applications where a full SPA framework is overkill, which is probably most web apps other than those that require a highly interactive experience, with a much smaller learning footprint than picking up one of the new fast changing frameworks, it seems every week there is some drama as a framework announces api changes or new features.

Learning HTMX will be a skill that lasts longer than learning the newest framework, it’s built on the building blocks of the web, HTTP and HTML, these have barely changed since inception.

There seems to be a trend towards simpler frameworks, like with Astro, which allows you to write a static site with HTML and enhance it as much as you need to, I like this.

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